Top Famous People with Unexpected Degrees

We assume that when someone studies something at college or gets a degree for specialization, that they are going to pursue this field. That is why we also assume when we see a person that they must have had a particular educational background.

For example, when we see an actor, we never think that he or she had a degree in mathematics or computer science. Just like that if we see a CEO of a tech company, we assume that he must have done some tech-heavy degree.

But that is not always the case with people. Sometimes you can find people in different fields of work having totally different degrees. Maybe it does help when you have a degree in a totally different field than what you are doing now because you have another perspective in your mind and you can think out of the box.

Let’s take a look at some famous people who have unexpected degrees and how these degrees might have helped them in their field.

Natalie Portman

I am sure not most of you people know why Natalie Portman missed the premiere of Star Wars: Phantom Menace. It was because she was studying at that time and had to prepare for her high school exams. She was a brilliant student of psychology and also published two articles in a scientific journal. She did graduation in BA Psychology from Harvard University.

Once when she was interviewed, she was very passionate about learning psychology and said:

“I don’t care if [college] ruins my career, I’d rather be smart than a movie star.”

But we are sure studying psychology must have helped her playing some of the characters that she played.

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari, who is a famous comedian in the USA, wanted to become an entrepreneur. To complete this dream, he studied marketing in NYC. But after studying in the university, he figured that this field was not best for him so he moved to stand up.

In an interview with Paste Magazine, he said that the culture of marketing and what the kids were talking about in the university and what their goals were didn’t appeal to him and he did not find them attractive.

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is also one of the famous people who graduated from Harvard. She wanted to become a Lawyer and went to college to become one. Apparently, after the OJ Simpson trial, she was totally against becoming a lawyer.

She told a Magazine that in that case privilege totally won and the justice was not done apart from all the evidence against OJ. So, she completed a degree in comparative religion but then went to the acting business.

Will Ferrell

This actor which is considered one of the best comedic stars in Hollywood got a degree in a subject that you would not believe existed. Will Ferrell got a degree in Sports information in 1990 from the university of southern California.

In 1990, Ferrell graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Sports Information, which most people don’t even know exists.

In a speech describing the program with a comedic taste he said:

“A program so difficult, so arduous, that they discontinued it eight years after I left. Those of us with sports information degrees are an elite group. We’re like the Navy SEALs of USC graduates. There are very few of us, and there was a high dropout rate.”

Ashton Kutcher

It is really unbelievable when you find out that Ashton Kutcher was enrolled in the University for getting a degree in Biochemical Engineering. He was not able to complete the degree and left the program after only one year of study.

He wanted to find a cure for his brother’s heart disease. It was on good intention so we included him in the list even though he didn’t really get the degree.

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